Policy summary

OWA UK and the OWA group are committed to responsible practises including sustainability and broader ESG activities. As respected market leaders in Germany and with a global reach, OWA recognises the impact it can have on the quality of lives of people with whom we come in to contact. Our stable, family ownership for more than 75 years influences our responsible culture and approach.

Organic binder

Discover sustainability in construction with our OWA organic binder! For over 25 years, we have been producing all our OWAcoustic mineral tiles using organic binders made from starch. This long-standing tradition not only ensures environmentally friendly and low-emission construction but also guarantees the high quality and reliability of our products. Choose quality and sustainability – choose our OWA organic binder and shape a better future for generations to come.

Management commitment and sustainability leaders

At OWA’s global headquarters in Bavaria, Germany, OWA has retained a senior environmental consultant for more than a decade. Meanwhile in the UK, senior management work with the leading interiors trade body, FIS (www.thefis.org) influencing the sustainability agenda, whilst appointing a senior specification manager to the role of sustainability leader and enabling professional development and individual sustainability qualifications.

Low carbon steel and EPDs

OWA’s global reach and responsible approach to sustainability enables smart choices of materials and suppliers. OWA’s metal ceilings are almost entirely manufactured from low carbon steel made using electric arc furnace technology. This results in embodied carbon figures as low as 4.99kgCO2e/m2 and provides some of the lowest embodied carbon figures available on the UK market. Our EPD library is continually growing and documentation can be made available upon request.

Circular economy approach – OWA S14 metal canopy

OWAtecta S14 canopies are the first OWA ceiling system to be offered under our ‘Take-Back’ scheme. Already offering best in class environmental credentials using low carbon steel, OWA UK welcomes back S14 metal canopies to re-sell as ‘nearly new’ or offer to community projects and charitable causes. The one-piece, white, 2m x 1m, S14 rectangular, perforated, metal canopy is ideal for a ‘take-back’ scheme and offers a large carbon saving by allowing systems to be re-used, thus supporting our clients to achieve their net zero goals.

We understand that for our supply chain to decarbonise and meet their net zero targets, we must take a circular approach and decarbonise too. 

OWA committed to a more sustainable future

OWA UK is committed to innovation and sustainable development. We are currently researching and developing several exciting new initiatives, which we look forward to announcing to the market soon. Together with the interiors trade body, the FIS, we aim to help lead the way in fighting climate change and set new standards in offering low carbon systems.

OWA Green Circle – serving central Europe

OWA’s Green Circle campaign enables customers to return post-consumer ceiling tiles for recycling at the principal factory in Bavaria. Due to our unique approach of using natural materials to manufacture our mineral tiles, up to 100% of the ceiling tile can be recycled and added back into the production process of producing new ceiling tiles. This re-purposing method of production allows a reduction in energy and water usage throughout the manufacturing process, as well as reducing waste by preventing old ceiling tiles going into landfill.

We are determined to help reduce the depletion of earth’s natural resources and are continually exploring new options to recycle and reuse materials.   

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