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S80 acoustic raft

OWAtecta S80 acoustic raft is a metal, demountable, free-hanging, ceiling absorber. Furthermore, it’s a stylish, modern interior solution for disguising M&E installations and providing improved sound absorption.

Firstly, what is an acoustic ceiling raft? At OWA, we define a raft as an individual, horizontal ceiling product featuring a suspension system secured to the soffit incorporating multiple removable or fixed panels.

The S80 acoustic raft is a bespoke solution, made to order and available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colours. The suspended ceiling raft can be specified in a choice of metal surfaces; mesh, perforated or ‘elapto’ mesh. Through the inclusion of an acoustic pad, S80 acoustic rafts can achieve class A sound absorption. However, the combination of a perforation and black acoustic fleece will achieve class C as standard.

The S80 acoustic raft helps to cover unsightly M&E installations. Therefore, the panels are removable for access, maintenance and cleaning. The low profile, hidden hanging system is ideally suited for open soffit interior design schemes. Also, thanks to its full metal construction, S80 offers exceptional durability.

  • Bespoke heights available; minimalist low profile or a taller pronounced edge
  • Any RAL colour or our new ‘RAW metal’ finish
  • Easy to assemble and install with M6 threaded rods

Application Areas

Offices Corridor, meeting room, open plan, lobby, reception, boardroom, kitchen
Education Classroom, hall, corridor, lecture theatre, canteen, dining room, office
Retail Shopping centre, supermarket, boutique, department store, showroom
Leisure Hotel, restaurant, sports centre, bar, games area, gym, changing room, reception
Healthcare Reception, public space, office


Material Galvanised steel, approx. 0.7 mm to 1.5 mm
Raft size* Bespoke
Colour* Any RAL colour (MOQ may apply)
Surface* Perforated (black acoustic fleece) or mesh
Edge height Min 55 mm
Reaction to fire A2-s1,d0 (BS EN 13964 & EN 13501-1)
Sound absorption** E.g. Rd1522 with acoustic pad: αw = 0.9 (class A)
E.g. Rd1522 with fleece: αw = 0.7 (class C)
NB. αw depends on the perforation pattern. See DS_9358 acoustic performance with metal.
System weight Dependent on raft size and surface
Cleaning Vacuum, dust, wipe, scrub and disinfecting
VOC emission Class A+ (ISO 16000)
Formaldehyde emission E1
Environment 100% recyclable
Recycled content Up to 30%

* A made to order product, please liaise with our sales department.
** Sound absorption values are dependent on the raft surface, ceiling slab and other additional factors. Please contact us for clarification.

† Dependent on surface, do not get acoustic fleece wet. See DS_9398


In Stock No
Details S80 acoustic rafts are a ‘made to order’ bespoke product.
Delivery* Available within 10-14 weeks from receipt of order and signed customer drawings. Please contact us by phone or email to discuss your project requirements.
Further Information Our technical department is available if you would like to discuss bespoke shapes, sizes and hanging configurations. Time needs to be included in the project schedule for design and drawing approval. Please contact us for more information.

* Dependent on design, material, colour and qty required.


OWAtecta S80 acoustic raft installation

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