OWAplan acoustic plaster ceiling system offers sound absorption, fire protection and a seamless monolithic design all combined in one solution.

The seamless ceiling system is part of the OWAconsult collection. It consists of our S7 suspension system, a white fleece covered mineral board and an acoustic plaster. OWAplan XS or OWAplan colour plasters partner with our OWAplan90 boards to offer class A acoustic absorption. A specialist contractor will use an airless pump to apply the plaster to create a particularly fine textured surface finish. An OWAplan acoustic plaster ceiling blends harmoniously with any architectural style. While at the same time offering pleasant room acoustics and enhanced wellbeing.

No matter if in restaurants, foyers, museums, galleries, schools, shopping arcades, hotels or in private homes, OWAplan impresses. The ‘very fine’ textured plaster finish, in white or colour, gives ceilings a pure elegance.

Application Areas

Offices Meeting room, open plan, lobby, reception
Education Hall, lecture theatre, canteen, dining room, office, reception, foyer
Retail Shopping centre, boutique, department store, showroom
Leisure Hotel, restaurant, sports centre, cinema, bar, gym, gallery, museum
Healthcare Office, reception, public space, foyer
Residential Home, cinema


Material 25 mm mineral (base board)
Board size 2400 x 1200 mm
Colour White
Board surface Fleece covered (perimeter edges removed)
Edges Square edge (E3)
Suspension system Concealed: S7
Surface treatment* Sprayed acoustic plaster after taping, filling and sanding
Sound absorption** αw = 0.90 (class A)
Sound insulation** Dnfw = up to 25 dB
Reaction to fire A2-s1,d0 (BS EN 13964 & EN 13501-1)
Moisture resistance Up to 95% RH
Cleaning Vacuum only
VOC emission Class A+ (ISO 16000)
Formaldehyde emission E1 (BS EN 13964), OWAcoustic < 5 µg/m³
Cradle to cradle Bronze
Environment 100% recyclable (made after 1/10/97)
Recycled content Up to 54%
Renewable resources Up to 8%

* Standard plaster is white, RAL colours available on request.
** Linear sound insulation, sound absorption and light reflectance values are dependent on surface finish, ceiling slab and other additional factors. Please contact us for clarification.

† See DS_9989 Cleaning recommendation


In Stock No
Details OWAplan boards and materials are a specialist product.
Delivery* Available within 6-8 weeks from receipt of order. Please contact us by phone or email to discuss your project requirements.
Further Information RAL colours are available on a project-by-project basis. Time needs to be included in the project schedule for colour procurement. Additional suspended ceiling product data and system options may be available on our Global website: OWAplan 90

* Dependent on qty required and production schedules.


OWAplan90 and System S7

OWAplan90 and System S7 in a hotel

OWAplan90 and System S7 in a bar/restaurant

OWAplan90 and System S7 in a theatre

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