Humancare Lab

OWAcoustic premium Humancare Lab is a 20 mm thick, hygienic, smooth, white fleece covered ceiling tile. It has an ISO 3 cleanroom classification, has 100% RH, is a class C sound absorber and is available with a square edge.

Suspended ceilings in laboratories designed as cleanrooms may only emit extremely low quantities of airborne particles in order to meet applicable air purity requirements. EN ISO 14644-1 defines the permissible thresholds.

The suitability of ceilings for cleanrooms is defined by more than just their emissions behaviour. Equally decisive is how they create distinctions between lower and higher cleanliness classes and how they react to the different air flows which occur in cleanrooms. Both OWAtecta metal ceilings and Humancare Lab mineral ceilings contribute to maintaining the required pressure level in a room, thus protecting personnel and test results.

Humancae Lab is dirt repellent, scratch resistant and wipe disinfectable. The hygienic ceiling tile prevents the spread of bacteria, fungi and germs. Even MRSA pathogens don’t stand a chance. It’s ideal for laboratories or hospitals, in particular ICUs, positive/negative pressure rooms and cleanrooms. It helps to create a clean, quiet and calm environment, thus aiding recovery and work.

OWA manufactures our mineral wool tiles from naturally occurring and recycled materials via a wet-felt process. We have virtually zero VOCs and no formaldehyde resin in the formulation of our boards.

Humancare Lab tiles form a complete suspended ceiling system when combined with our exposed tee grid and perimeter trim. They are easy to install and demount for service access. OWA mineral board is dense and firm, therefore the tiles will retain integrity when handled frequently. Over time, dirt and dust does not accumulate on the surface, whereas for lower density products, dark patches may appear. The tiles are easy to trim onsite with a utility knife. Cut edges will not crumble and do not need any further treatment.

Application Areas

Education Laboratory
Healthcare Laboratory, ICU, positive/negative pressure rooms
Industry Laboratory, positive/negative pressure rooms, cleanrooms


Material 20 mm performance mineral
Module size 600 x 600 mm and 1200 x 600 mm
Colour White
Surface Hygienic, hydrophobic fleece covered
Edges Square edge (E3)
Suspension system 24 mm hook tee grid – suitable for SE
Sound absorption** αw = 0.70 (class C)
Sound insulation** Dnfw = up to 34 dB
Reaction to fire A2-s1,d0 (BS EN 13964 & EN 13501-1)
Moisture resistance Up to 100% RH
Light reflectance** Up to 87%
Cleanroom class ISO 3 (ISO 14644-01)
Bacteriological class M1 or M10 (NF S 90-351:2013-04)
Disinfectability Spray disinfectant (EN 16615 and ISO 15883)
Cleaning Vacuum, wipe, dust, scrub, wipe and spray disinfection
VOC emission Class A+ (ISO 16000)
Formaldehyde emission E1 (BS EN 13964), OWAcoustic < 5 µg/m³
Cradle to cradle Bronze
Environment 100% recyclable (made after 1/10/97)
Recycled content Up to 54%
Renewable resources Up to 9%

** Linear sound insulation, sound absorption and light reflectance values are dependent on tile surface, ceiling slab and other additional factors. Please contact us for clarification.

† See DS_9989 Cleaning recommendation


In Stock No
Details Humancare Lab tiles are a ‘made to order’ product and an MOQ may apply.
Delivery* Available within 8-10 weeks from receipt of order. Please contact us by phone or email to discuss your project requirements.
Further Information Our technical department is available if you would like to discuss configurations and installation method. Additional suspended ceiling product data and system options may be available on our Global website: Humancare Lab

* Dependent on qty required and production schedules.


OWA System S3 T24 grid installation

OWA Humancare generation: superior hygienic ceilings

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