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The OWAlifetime collection features a range of mineral wool ceiling tiles and suspension systems. A traditional, modular tile and grid suspended ceiling is suitable for most applications and interiors. Especially where ceiling soffit mounted services need to be hidden but access is still essential. Therefore, we recommend OWAlifetime for offices, call centres, restaurants, schools, colleges, hospitals, hotels, stadiums and retail.

The standard modular ceiling tile size is 600 x 600 mm, but other sizes are available on request. Also, we offer a number of suspension systems, the most common is a 24 mm exposed tee grid. Furthermore, we stock the most popular mineral tiles and tee grids here in the UK, see our ‘Best Sellers’ brochure. Please follow the links below to review our tile and grid offerings.


The OWAconsult collection features a range of designer suspended ceiling systems, separate free-hanging acoustic solutions, wall absorbers and monolithic, continuous acoustic plaster. If you are looking for an alternative to a traditional tile and grid suspended ceiling, look no further than the OWAconsult collection. Our ‘Cloud’ and ‘Corpus’ designer canopies are unique and Corpus is a Red Dot Design Award winner. Moreover, we can recommend our designer products for most interior schemes, including offices, retail, hotels, healthcare, museums, hospitality and other open plan spaces.

Some of the modular tiles still require an exposed tee grid suspension system. However, the majority of the collection is either concealed or free-hanging. Please follow the links below to see various collection products or contact us directly.


The OWAtecta collection is a range of metal suspended ceilings. Each system features an exposed or concealed grid and a metal tile, panel or plank. These modules clip-in, lay-in or hook onto the suspension system. Additionally, the collection includes free-hanging acoustic rafts, baffles, canopies and wall absorbers. A metal ceiling is more durable than a mineral one. A plain surface can easily be cleaned, it’s hygienic and can be used for cleanrooms, laboratories and pressurised rooms. Additionally, a perforated ceiling can offer class C and class A acoustic absorption. Therefore, we recommend a metal ceiling for most applications, such as offices, hotels, kitchens, education, healthcare, retail and industry.

We stock our standard 600 x 600 mm modular metal tiles and grids in the UK for a swift delivery. Please follow the links below to review our metal ceiling solutions or contact us to discuss a project.