TAS Building

TAS, it says in large letters on the façade. The brand new building houses sister companies MVRO, CNSTRCT, ATOP, QLYX and more. The building takes its name from the founder’s father, Balthasar. In the village where he lived, it was abbreviated to Tas.

Project Details

Antwerp, Netherlands
Office for Urban Planning & Architecture

TAS has now acquired its own meaning: Future, Everything and Synergy. “These are themes that bring together a group of companies with different dynamics and working methods. We are ready for the future, can do anything and do it with the best synergy. This way we go the extra mile for our customers,” says Arnold den Haan, General Manager at CNSTRCT. And in such a group of companies a pleasant acoustic climate cannot be missed.

RAW Concrete has been used in the enormous canteen and in the adjacent rooms for meetings and presentations. Attractive meeting rooms have been created throughout the building, in which our seamless, acoustic OWAplan® ceiling system has been chosen. These ceilings are sprayed in a shade that matches the chosen colour theme of the room. OWA Sinfonia black was chosen for some larger meeting rooms.

Products Used: