Royal Museum of Fine Arts

The imposing building of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts immediately attracts attention when you walk through the centre of Antwerp. This museum has undergone a complete restoration and special renovation, with the classic building now having no less than 40% more exhibition space with a modern appearance through expansion. Thanks to OWAplan, the acoustics in the museum have also been raised to a higher level. This way, fine art comes into its own even more.

Project Details

Hospitality & Leisure
Antwerp, Netherlands
Artes Roegiers
KAAN Architects

The entrance, the entire first floor and the restaurant in the building now enjoy the invisible luxury of acoustic comfort. The new exhibition spaces (formerly four historic courtyards) and the viewing hatch between them are also equipped with OWAplan. This captures sound and reverberation, preventing it from moving from one room to another.

The acoustic ceilings used provide a clearly noticeable difference in peace and balance. Shrill sounds are absorbed and reverberation and echoes are captured, allowing you to enjoy the silence that reigns in museums. This way all attention remains on the art. And it deserves it!

The KMSKA is a beautiful museum full of classic and modern works of art, which is definitely worth a visit. When you visit, experience the museum-quality acoustics of OWAplan in real life.

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