Raalte Bakery

The traditional ‘real bakery’, where you can enjoy the craftsmanship of a group of enthusiastic bakers live, combines their love for bread, pastries, ice cream and oliebollen in a shop and lunchroom. After the last renovation in 2008, the interior was given a new look in 2020. Under the management of finishing company Revitoo, the bakery has an industrial, yet attractive appearance. RAW Concrete ceiling panels are not misplaced. In addition to the fact that RAW Concrete provides a characteristic overall picture in this bakery, it also improves the room acoustics. With an absorption value of 0.70 it helps create a better working and shopping environment for employees and customers.

Project Details

Raalte, Netherlands

Using RAW Concrete, we created a industrial-looking acoustic ceiling under which the lighting and ventilation systems are mounted. The ceiling panels could easily be cut to size. The custom-made panels were installed with screws in a matching colour for a harmonious look.

Products Used: