Medicine Manufacturing Innovation Centre

The Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre is an exciting new collaboration between academia, industry and government to ensure the UK is a leader in medicines manufacturing. The new centre will provide research, development and the commercialisation of digital manufacturing technologies for the pharmaceutical industry in order to reduce the time, resources and costs of medicines manufacturing.

Project Details

Renfrewshire, Scotland
Branniff Joinery
Baker Hicks, Motherwell

OWA (UK) has supplied a mix of mineral wool and metal ceilings for this important development. After consultation with the architect, a high- performance specification was selected to meet the requirements of this important project.

  • The requirement for cleanroom ceilings has been met by using an OWAtecta S22 plain clip-in, swing down ceiling system.
  • OWAtecta S33 lay-in system with perforated tiles (Class C) has been utilised throughout the offices, event room, circulation spaces, and meeting rooms.
  • For the shower areas, Ocean 100% RH and corrosive resistant grid was selected.
  • Humancare Sinfonia has been installed along back stair areas to provide REI60 under steel and concrete.

Products Used:

OWAtecta S33 lay-in metal tiles suitable for retail environments

S33 T24 lay-in system

Metal, lay-in, white suspended ceiling with 24 mm exposed grid, 600 x 600 mm square or tegular edge tiles, perforated or plain.