Assembly B

Leading suspended ceiling systems manufacturer OWA UK followed on from the huge installation of metal mesh ceiling rafts at Assembly C in Bristol with a second major development next door. Assembly B featured different sizes of mesh rafts and a different scheme concept from AHMM architects. The stunning pair of new office buildings together represent OWA UK’s largest contract to date for its OWAtecta S80 demountable metal ceiling rafts.

Project Details

Bristol, England
Galliford Try
AHMM Architects

Designed by AHMM Architects and constructed by Galliford Try, OWA UK worked closely with its approved sub-contractor Morrissey to design and install the rectangular and trapezium shaped acoustic mesh rafts throughout the open Cat A floors. Meanwhile black mesh S36 Progress hook-on panels created a smart design along the corridor spaces.

There were four different, bespoke configurations supplied for each of the six open floors at Assembly B, fitting the space with elegance and ease to provide a flexible and stylish acoustic ceiling solution.

Balancing aesthetic appeal with acoustic performance and sustainability criteria, utilising low carbon steel panels, OWA UK’s OWAtecta S80 demountable metal ceiling rafts help disguise M&E installations while providing improved sound absorption and limiting noise pollution from floor to floor.

OWAtecta S80 can be designed in almost any size, created by abutting framed or trapezium metal panels to form a series of isolated rafts. Each panel hooks onto the concealed suspension system and are easily demountable to give access for maintenance and cleaning.

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